Only Mortal

Only Mortal POST

”Lord what fools these mortals be”

William Shakespeare

It’s a strange feeling is facing ones own mortality!

Not unsurprisingly when it finally dawns on us that we’re only human and therefore by definition mortal it has the knack of polarising your thoughts in ways which unless we’ve  experienced it we would in all honesty struggle to fully understand and…..

If we’re unlucky we never will!!

Unlucky because unless we have just cause to question the way we live our lives. Our lifestyle choices. Our relationships. The state of our health….in fact anything that makes up the tapestry that is life! Then we may never know or even care that there could be a healthier, happier and more fulfilling alternative just a heartbeat away.

Whilst they say ignorance is bliss and hindsight a wonderful thing, the massive shame is that there are those who succumb without warning to the eventual fate shared by us all. Often on doing so they leave behind not only grieving loved ones but things left unsaid and undone which in all truthfulness could probably have made their life and those of their loved ones so very different to that which they had shared.

It’s sad but true that many of us don’t do or say the things that we should anywhere near often enough to validate ourselves or those we love because we always think that we have time or the other person knows that ??? and so on.

In fact the only guarantee of time we have is this one moment, the one we are experiencing now, anything after this is both a bonus and a blessing.

With the dual advantages of both hindsight AND experience I urge you to make sure that when you reach your final destination you do so secure in the knowledge that once the tears have subsided you leave behind memories  which are both comforting and can be cherished by those whom you loved and who loved you in return. Don’t leave anything to chance because by doing so you run the risk of leaving room for both regret and recrimination long after you’re gone.

That would be a shame, unnecessary and very definitely a waste of at least one life. DON’T let it be yours! That said;

If we’re lucky most of us will get to experience the situation just the once in our life, as for ME?

I’m just plain greedy!

Over time I’ve had several flirtations with the Grim Reaper and having survived thus far consider myself to be very definitely the latter of the two and in being so have had the CHANCE to right wrongs, validate those I love, do the things i really want to do…thereby changing the end game!

What do I mean by this?

Well, if experience has taught me anything it’s that we all of us (in part at least) can be deemed guilty of taking life for granted. However experience has caused me to take stock of my life…its past, its present and the very real possibility of it having no future on more than one occasion and has meant that I’ve been incredibly lucky on numerous levels.

I use the word lucky in the very real sense of the word and in no way mean it to be a flippant comment.

Think about it

How many of us plod along on a daily basis in a state of limited existence as opposed to grabbing life firmly by the collar and experiencing every single moment fully, as it happens, in the now?? I would hazard a guess at it being most of us and to be perfectly honest I used to be one of them.

It was only when I had cause to look back that I came to realise how much of my life up to that point had been a waste of time. Time that not only I would never get back BUT may not have much of left to come. Time in which I wouldn’t be able to either put right or redress the balance going forward in terms of making amends both to myself and others.

So yes I considered ( and still do) myself to be lucky

Lucky in that I had a second chance to reflect on my history and resolve issues appropriately. It meant that because of this and subsequent chances at life I had the motivation and determination  to be the change that was needed to better it on so many levels. I promised myself that no matter what it took to achieve it, then I would do it.

I was lucky to survive AND lucky to be able to learn, grow and move on positively from a past which had not only weighed me down for far too long but had been a contributing factor in the decline of my overall physical and mental health.

It’s been a long, hard battle getting this far and I still consider myself to be a work in progress…there isn’t a day goes by EVER that I don’t give thanks for the fact that I’m still here.  Thanks for being mindful our time here is finite and not for wasting. Thanks for the opportunities I get to tell those who matter to me I’m proud of them and how much I love them.

In all honesty the process of becoming ill, nearly dying, surviving and then recovering is a traumatic, painful process  BUT the journey that I’ve had up to this point (despite everything) and the lessons I had cause to learn because of it have made me the person I am today.

Someone who is healthier, happier and certainly more mentally whole than I have EVER been.

Someone who is SECURE in the certainty that when the time comes to defer to my fate I will do so knowing that I have left nothing undone, and nothing unsaid. There will be no cause for regret or recrimination by or because of me and my loved ones will KNOW without doubt that my love for them was and will ALWAYS be true and UNCONDITIONAL.

At that point I shall consider my life a job well done and rest easy because if it were possible to do all over again I would do so in a metaphorical heartbeat!

My wish for you going forward is that you would feel the same way



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