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Many Congratulations Cath …Happily reblogged to Living Life From the Inside Out

Sober Sisters

So, this is me. Cath, 41 and living with my husband and dog in the beautiful Sussex countryside. Life is good – really good, but the last several years have been TOUGH!

My wine addiction started around 7 years ago when my now husband became very ill with heart failure. Drinking helped me to cope, or at least at the time I thought it did. Don’t get me wrong – I would never blame him for the cause of my drinking…it was purely my choice to do it. My own stupid fault.

At the time, I was full of self-hatred. There I was at my worst drinking over a bottle of wine a day, and I could see myself heading down a slippery slope. I felt powerless to stop. I felt totally and utterly trapped and ashamed of myself. How could I let this happen??I couldn’t bear being this…

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