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STOP Waiting for New Years Eve!

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FACT – Tomorrow is the youngest you will ever be

FACT – Tomorrow is the youngest you will ever be but it’s also the first day of the rest of your life!


Life itself is the singular thing we all have in common. However having said that there are only actually two things which for sure will happen to us all.

We will be born. We will die.

Stark but nevertheless completely true.

Equally true is the fact that many of us do actually treat the experience that is life as something that just happens to us. We all too easily lose sight of the fact that it is actually a journey. Each day, for each of us is completely unique and thus our journey in turn becomes as individual as we are and in all honesty most of us never even consider that it is our choices along the way which make it so.

New Year is largely the time we actively upon the previous 365 days or so and vow to do things differently, better or not at all. It’s also the time when we invariably blame work, stress, the actions of others, lack of time, money or both as an excuse for anything which we determine as having been a mistake, failure or lack of opportunity etc.

By making our New Year ‘resolutions’ we acknowledge the need for change yet many of us steadfastly refuse to own our journey of the previous year by taking responsibility for the part we played in the areas we ourselves deemed worthy of change and rarely ever consider the fact that just one simple act could have provided us with the result…a different, better result…that yet again we are setting our sights on achieving in the coming year.

But why are we waiting? In doing so we are wasting time, our oh so valuable time – which once spent can NEVER be regained?

It doesn’t have to be like that because the amazing thing is, we all of us have the power of CHOICE!

It is after all the most basic of our rights as humans. We can if we so choose be compliant and ‘allow’ life to happen to us or we can become proactive and choose to be the architect of our own journey and subsequently our destiny.

I would urge that you give some thought to the gift which is your life and the like of which you will not receive again. As you go through your day today, tomorrow, the next day pay attention, be mindful if you will as to the number of choices you will actually get to make during it’s course. In addition to the those you would make automatically – what to eat, wear, do etc, concentrate on each moment as it occurs and realise that everything in life is indeed a choice.

Positivity. Negativity. Gratitude. Happiness. Anger. Guilt…all of it

Choices which in turn have the power to alter your life for the better or worse. Any given point on your journey through life is in direct correlation to your words, actions and attitude. Moreover it is you alone who are responsible for both them and the results they bring to bear EVERY DAY not just at New Year.

For instance there are those among us who will say ‘Oh no it’s not  my fault because…’ and try to shift the blame onto someone or something else thus absolving themselves of the responsibility. Now although this could be very true the key here is that others are the ones who have to take responsibility for their actions. You on the other hand must take responsibility for your reaction to the situation/ feeling they created. You have the power to allow or disallow how anything impacts upon you including the decisions about your life which you may or indeed may not make (which incidentally is indeed a decision in & of itself!).

You can choose and it is this choice alone which will dictate whether you are compliant in or the author of your life’s story as it unfolds!


So having urged you to be mindful as you go about your day tomorrow, next week & in the coming year I ask you to consider the possibility that up until now you have inadvertently become compliant in allowing your life to just happen to you.

As we move into 2017 keep in mind that although January 1st is indeed the first day of the year, it’s also the first day of the rest of your life, as is the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on. By all means mark New Year by resolving to do things differently if you feel the need, but if you are someone who is set to mark December 31st by stringing together a list of resolutions or promises to yourself that things will change and next year will be different, remember that you do not and never have had to wait to make the choice to change either you or your life for the better.

You will never be younger than you are on any given day so stop allowing our old friend procrastination to steal not only time but your dreams & goals. Make daily choices which will better enable you to live the life you wish to lead.

A life that you can live with passion and purpose, on your own terms, in your own way without ever having to apologize, explain, excuse or justify yourself OR that you have to use the acceptable time stamp of a New Years Eve as a smokescreen for doing so ever again.

So here’s wishing You EVERYTHING you wish yourself & more for 2017 & beyond BUT don’t make the mistake of putting off until New Year what you CAN DO TODAY – Remember procrastination may well be the thief of time BUT he always very generously leaves a calling card by way of thanks – the gift of REGRET!

As Walt Disney famously said – If you want something enough you will find a way to make it happen. If you don’t? You’ll make excuses!

Ten years from now I can promise you this you may regret some things you did do BUT YOU WILL ALWAYS regret those that you didn’t!

Why not make a decision TODAY that whatever it is that is preventing you from living the reality of your dreams you’ll face it head on and begin to Fear LESS & LIVE More?

Namaste – Sue

Sue Curr is an Empowerment Coach, Speaker & Author who enables others to  Fear LESS & LIVE More Bespoke Program . If you or someone you know would benefit from addressing & dis-empowering the effect FEAR has on your life you can connect with Sue at suecurr,com or email her directly at suecurr@suecurr.com

Don’t Worry Be Happy

Dont worry be happy BLOG POST header”Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be”

Abraham Lincoln

We tend to lose sight of just how much we have to be happy for

Many years ago someone who subsequently became a very important role model in my life  told me

” Never forget just how much we have in this life to be truly happy for”

That statement as simple and truthful as it was impacted upon me on such a deeply profound level that I never ever forgot it. It wasn’t so much the words themselves  as the context in which they were offered.

I was 20 at the time and although I had met, fallen head over heels in love with and become engaged to the man who was to become my life partner and ”long suffering” other half of some 32 years of (at the time of writing) marriage I was deeply unhappy on many levels….a strained home life, stuck in a job I loathed, never enough money to do what we wanted to do…..all the usual daily gripes which cause us to be miserable,

And yet here was ”someone” having very recently lost her husband of many years after a relatively short but very traumatic battle with cancer offering me both a shoulder to cry on and sage advice. Of the pair of us she had far more cause to be deeply unhappy than me but although she was entrenched in her grief and struggling to come to terms with her loss along with everything which that entails she still found it in her heart to reach out and connect on a level which she could see I truly needed.

It was one of the most selfless gestures by someone I have ever seen and one which I never forgot even during the times of my deepest despair…..the days when I had reached the end of my tether, when I wanted to run for the hills and never come back.

The days when I really did contemplate that this world would be better off without me.

On these days and many like them since there has always been her voice in the back of my mind prompting me to be thankful for all that I have, to count my blessings and telling me ”Don’t worry be happy”!

There have been many, many times in the intervening years when I would have given anything to be able to hear her calm, gentle, measured voice but instead I’ve used the advice she gave me all that time ago to help me look at the world as though through her eyes.

As I matured I came to realise what it was she meant and now there is rarely a day passes during which I don’t give thanks for the fact that I’m still alive, that I’m ”relatively” healthy, that my family are safe and well.

That said as I’ve gotten older this perspective has deepened somewhat and now at the beginning or end….sometimes both…of my day I make a point of acknowledging and appreciating all that has, is and will be good in my life.

The stunning colours of sunrise & sunset, the innocence of a child’s infectious laughter, woodland walks or watching nature at work as the ocean pounds the shoreline.

I now live for but am not limited by the little things, the simple pleasures…hot buttered toast, a long lie in of a Sunday et al. I thrive on and thoroughly enjoy the company of and interaction with the people most special to me and make sure I validate them everyday….Make sure you tell someone how much you love them today because the chance may never come again.

These things and so many more like them help bring about a sense of calm and a peaceful mind. They help us to better understand what this life of ours is truly about and what it means to be alive in the here and now.

Many of us live our lives ruled by the man-made invention of time. We pray for the end of the working day, for the Summer holidays to get here more quickly. We wish our lives away because we aren’t connected to the present. We don’t appreciate it or the joys it brings us daily.

We wait impatiently under the mistaken apprehension that when….it stops raining, the holidays are here, we win the lottery etc, etc…then the elusive happiness will be ours for the taking.

That’s a massive error on our part!

STOP waiting for happiness to come along because it’s here already…..you have the power to CHOOSE it……stop imitating others as they wish their lives away….our time here is finite, don’t wait until it’s too late before you realise how good your life really is!

The old adage says ”Seek & Ye Shall Find”

By becoming more self-aware we come to realise that we don’t have to look too hard or long. We can simply look to what we already have, are surrounded by and be GRATEFUL for it. Stop waiting for a better life to come along, it’s already here ESPECIALLY when we don’t measure it in terms of time, money or materialistic ideals. By doing this we free ourselves from the curse of expectation and that in itself practically guarantees that we won’t be disappointed with the result!

Well over 35 years ago I had a conversation with someone who ended it by always telling me ”Don’t worry be happy”…..

These days a very wise 4-year-old can often be heard telling me ”Nonny don’t worry be happy”

I think that’s very fitting somehow and I know that the someone from all those years ago…..the Great Grandmother of her….very wise 4-year-old Great Granddaughter would be tickled pink to know that the apple hasn’t fallen very far from the tree.

I think it’s a very sound piece of advice for all of us. So as you go about your day today REMEMBER whatever happens you have much to be GRATEFUL for so……..

”Don’t worry be HAPPY”!

Thanks for reading please feel free to leave a comment below or like & share. It would be great to hear your take on happiness…..have a nice day!